Self Tan Drops Medium

DROP. MIX. GLOW: meet our concentrated tan drops.: meet our concentrated tan drops.

30ml / 1.01 fl.oz net

Designed to be mixed with your skincare, makeup, or body care, the drops are easy to apply and are 100% customizable. This flexible formulation is perfect for both newbies and experienced tanners. There are so many ways to glow from just one bottle. The more tan drops you add, the darker your tan. Getting that vacay bronze has never been easier!


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  1. thelittlelegend

    I bought your tan drops in light and tried them on yesterday and I’m in love! Been getting compliments all day todays on what a beautiful tan I got, gonna recommend these to everyone! – thelittlelegend

  2. molly sower

    I defo recommend this tan because you can hardly go wrong! I have had no streaks at all and I’ve used this tan 3 times since buying it

  3. laura oioli

    You guys… I’m obsessed with my Tanologist self-tan… like I look like I just casually came back from an island vacation

  4. ms camburn

    It’s brilliant I used it for my wedding last week and everyone said how natural it looked

  5. Sam

    I bought the drops maybe a month ago and I love it. It smells amazing and there’s no transfer. I have sensitive skin and I did a patch test and nothing bad happened. The Tanologist product isn’t sticky and I absolutely love it. But sometimes it takes a while to apply the drops but it’s absolutely amazing!

  6. Kayla xx

    I used this Medium Drops and I swear by it! I bought it and used it and I looked like I just cane from Ibiza! Can’t wait for new products

  7. Emma

    I bought the drops in medium and I LOVE them. It smells amazing and looks stunning on! Can’t wait to try the other products.

  8. ella mae

    i genuinely hate tanning because i hate looking orange. these drops are incredible. beautiful bronzey glow✨. can not wait to try the mousse. i’m obsessed!

  9. _Katehut

    Incredible product, I have used many tanning products but this one really does stand out from the crowd. The packaging it arrived in is absolutely stunning, the fact it is all sustainable materials is fantastic xoxo

  10. JoAnne Roberts

    I received the Tanologist Face & Body Drops in medium from my Walmart, seansonal beauty box. I thought Walmart would carry this product, but, they dont. I didnt even see this item on my brochures from my box so, I just came to this website. The medium, in this product was out of stock so, I went to the dark shade. My interest is mixing these drops with my serums or moisturizers. I didnt think, the darker shade would make much of a difference, if I just used less when mixing. My complexion looks so natural, after I applied 2 drops to my overnight moisturizer. The next morning, I added 2 more drops to my morning serum and a few hours later, my complexion was so beautiful, I didnt even need foundation and Im 60 years old. My regular self tanner is Coola. Im going to switch over to Tanologist because my skin doesnt look orange at all. Just a nice, glowing tan that is so natural! Thank you Tanologist AND Walmart too! That beauty box, turns me on to so many great brands! I wouldnt have found Tanologist if it werent for my Walmart seasonal beauty box. Tanologist should put samples n other beauty boxes. More subscribers would order from this brand!

  11. Marishka

    Omg , I’ve just bought it yesterday. Before bedtime I applied on my face and body, I did mix with my night cream for face 3 drops cause is my first time plus i have an olive type of skin, and for my body I put 5 drops into my body lotion. Earlier morning was like what ??? Omg I gave an a may gorgeous tan on my face and all over my body. Amazing result. Wow it’s like you’ve just come from vacation. I highly recommended

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Self Tan Drops Medium

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