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Achieve deep, flawless results with our selection of self tan mousses. Our easy-to-apply, streak-free & fast-drying formulas are skincare infused & Derm Approved for hydrated, long-lasting results.

With both transparent & guide colour formulas to choose from, there’s a Tanologist mousse for every preference.



For flawlessly sunkissed skin with each application, our lightest shade gives good glow– like you’ve spent the weekend in Ibiza. This is ideal for total beginners or anyone with lighter skin tones.


For the ultimate Tanologist finish, this shade delivers your most flawless tan: think a week’s vacation in Tulum. Our medium shade works to universally enhance all skin tones for glowing results.


For a perfectly deep bronze, this shade brings you flawless, like spending a month in Bali! Choose dark to enhance deeper skin tones or to level up your glow like never before.


Giving you the deepest bronze possible, fast. The express formula gives personalized results over 1-4 hours.


  1. Prep skin using Tanologist Eraser & Primer
  2. Moisturize dry areas like hands, elbows, knees & feet
  3. Apply to the skin in sweeping motions from head to toe using a tanning mitt. For face, blend in with tanning mitt or blending brush.
  4. When using our Self Tan Mousse Extra Dark, shower off guide color and wash hands following after application.

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  • Light Tinted Self Tan Mousse

    Add To Bag$19.99

  • Medium Tinted Self Tan Mousse

    Add To Bag$19.99

  • Dark Tinted Self Tan Mousse

    Add To Bag$19.99

  • Extra Dark Self Tan Mousse

    Add To Bag$21.99

  • Self Tan Mousse Dark

    Add To Bag$19.79

  • Self Tan Mousse Medium

    Add To Bag$19.79

  • Self Tan Mousse Light

    Add To Bag$19.79

If you haven’t already tried it go and buy your one! It’s absolutely amazing!! Now I can no longer be a pale ghost!! Thank you Lottie for helping me notice this! It’s amazing!


This is honestly my favourite fake tan I’ve ever used.. it’s perfection in a bottle! It doesn’t turn me orange or streak. I’m never going to get a spray tan again!!! Thank you Lottie and Tanologist for making this.


This stuff is SO AMAZING. I put some on in the morning after my shower and didn’t see much change but by the end of the day I was like a golden goddess! It goes on so nicely and it feels like it’s really nourishing my skin! And the best part? it doesn’t sayin my clothes!!


THE BEST TANNING MOUSSE EVER! I love it. I love how when I wake up I look like I’ve just been in the sun. It smells amazing and gradually fades.


Colour is brilliant! Not orange at all. Was a bit worried about the application as there isn’t a guide colour, it wasn’t a problem though, went on perfectly. Smells great when first applied but as it develops the typical fake tan smell comes out.


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