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Transparent Self-Tan Water

  • Hydrate and tan with this vitamin infused self tanning water, packed full of skin-loving ingredients.
  • Choose your natural skin tone match from light, medium or dark and personalise your result through the power of time for your most flawless tan ever.
  • A spectrum of shades from just one bottle, wait 1-4 hours depending on your desired end result. Then rinse off in the shower.
  • Multi-purpose formula is suitable for use on both face & body.


  • Vegan, Organic & Cruelty Free.
  • Can be used as a hydrating setting spray.
  • Non-comedogenic: no clogged pores.
  • The transparent formulation means no transfer onto clothes or sheets.
  • Odourless.


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  • Keep your Self Tan Water in the fridge and use as a refreshing mist. I loved this in Ibiza.
  • Use the Self Tan Water over makeup as a glowy finishing spray.
  • I leave this on overnight if I want a super dark tan.

  • Prep the skin using our Tanologist Eraser & Primer.
  • Moisturise dry areas, such as hands, elbows, knees and feet.
  • Spray directly onto dry skin and blend with a tanning mitt using large circular motions.
  • Shower 1-4 hours after application depending on desired end result. More time= deeper tan.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after application.



  1. Aqua (Water)
  2. Dihydroxyacetone
  3. Propylene Glycol
  4. Glycerin
  5. Ethoxydiglycol
  6. Glycereth-26
  7. Commiphora Mukul Resin Extract
  8. Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract
  9. Panthenol
  10. Ascorbic Acid
  11. Erythrulose
  12. Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate)
  13. Aloe Barbadensis Extract*
  14. Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil*
  15. Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract*
  16. Juniperus Communis Fruit Oil*
  17. Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract*
  18. Punica Granatum Extract*
  19. PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil
  20. Dipropylene Glycol
  21. Parfum (Fragrance)
  22. Hexyl Cinnamal
  23. Limonene
  24. Linalool
  25. Geraniol
  26. Hydroxycitronellal
  27. Citric Acid
  28. Phenoxyethanol
  29. Triethylene Glycol

* Organic extracts

11 reviews for SELF-TAN WATER MEDIUM

  1. claireenxxx

    Apply with a mitt and it comes out like a spray tan!

  2. jenna94

    Just tried this for the first time and I love it! Gave me a natural, golden glow. Great for the body and face, It was so easy to apply and streak free! It has a fresh scent and doesn’t transfer onto your clothes or sheets. Very happy with this purchase, will be using this religiously during summer.

  3. misstaraxx

    This tan was so easy to apply and came out a lovely bronzed colour on me, no orange, which was a blessing, as so many tans seem to have a orange hue to them. Very Impressed with this tan and will purchase again.

  4. molly p

    I use the spray water and a tanning mitt, it’s honestly really good! I’m really pale normally and this tan is so incredible if you want a natural looking tan xx

  5. theglamkate

    Popped on two layers yesterday and turned out so so well! There’s literally no streaks and no smell, and there’s no mess with tanning water either, came out really nice and dark, love it and will definitely be using it again

  6. beca.pires

    I absolutely love the dark tanning water. It doesn’t stain any clothing or bedding, it has no horrible fragrance and has amazing coverage!! I have taken it with me to Canada and it has been my saviour as I don’t really tan easily. I will definitely be using it more often!

  7. chloe09

    The best tanning product I’ve ever used, I’m allergic to so many but this one has worked amazingly and my skin feels so smooth. No streaks or patched. Now allowing me to get off the sun beds

  8. frxnkie

    Normally my go to tan is Bondi Sands. I was bit hesitant to get this as it was around £22 from Superdrug… HOWEVER.. this is honestly the best tan I’ve ever used! It’s just a spray and you don’t need to use loads! It sprays clear so it’s a little tricky to see if you’ve got everywhere as it doesn’t go on as a colour but once it’s developed there are literally NO STREAKS. I’d leave it on overnight and it comes out a nice bronzed colour PLUS, it doesn’t stain your clothes or bedsheets! AND when you shower the top layer doesn’t come off, literally amazing I can’t even explain

  9. Grace.C

    I love that this tan doesn’t transfer on to clothes because it means I can apply, go out for the morning then come back and wash off. Also it gives such a dark tan in just four hours

  10. Jessica

    This is amazing im so shocked, it’s got such a gorgeous colour and doesn’t leave any patchy marks on you’re skin, i really love this product and definitely will be my go to, also there is no fake tan smell, it’s very fresh !

    Great job Lottie x

  11. Skyler

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. It hardly ever streaks when I rub it in with a mitt and it lasts for days, even in water. However, the only complaint I have is the packaging it comes in. The spraying mechanism could be better. I wish the mist was finer and sprayed evenly rather than squirt different sizes of droplets. It’s really hard for me to press down on the sprayer as well because it gets stuck a lot and the product starts to leak out of the top all over my fingers as I am spraying making it slippery and even harder to press. I’ve gone through 2 bottles so its not just a fluke in the first one I got. Please change the top of the bottle !

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We advise a patch test 24 hours before use. Do not apply on broken or irritated skin. Avoid contact with eyes. If reaction occurs, discontinue use/seek medical advice.


This product does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn. Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while tanning may increase the risk of skin ageing, skin cancer and other harmful effects to the skin even if you do no burn.

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