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You’ve got to watch this: May Edition

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Wow, it’s May already? April really did FLY by! During this time, we’ve been staying safe and staying home, so TV is still our number one. There was a time when we looked forward to Friday for our big night out, but it’s now all about those Netflix new releases, bby!

And right now there’s something for everyone, whether it’s romance, escapism, thrills, or just some good old fashioned teen drama. Here’s 5 things to watch on Netflix (and your TV, generally) this month:

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Outer Banks

Teen dramas are kind of our thing. So when a new one is released, we jump on it. Outer Banks is like a sunnier Riverdale. Based around a modern day treasure hunt, it’s kind of a wild concept, but honestly we’re here for it. There’s romance, murder, and beautiful people in swimwear, plus there’s LOTS of drama. Sign us up- we’re moving here immediately. Also, the last 5 eps are insane- so stick with it. We’re hoping for season 2.

Video still of boy and girl from Outerbanks TV series


Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee, American Horror Story, American Crime Story etc brings us this fun series about post-WWII Hollywood. Note, it’s definitely R-rated if you’re wanting to watch with company. But if you’ve liked his previous shows, it’s worth a watch. There’s stars! There’s beautiful costumes! Plus, it’s a unique twist on the typical Hollywood story.

Group of men and women from TV show Hollywood 106 Unit

Normal People

The show everyone’s been talking about – for good reason. Find it on iPlayer or Hulu for a sexy/sad rollercoaster that you can binge in 1 night, if you’re super ambitious about it… The episodes are only 30 mins long, and it’s a relatable tale of first love. We would NOT recommend this if you’ve had a recent breakup, or if you’re at home watching with the fam.. pls skip to next on the list.

Video still from 'Normal People' showing Connell and Marianne on a beach

Desperate Housewives

Okay, we love a throwback as much as everyone else. If you’ve not seen it, now’s the perfect time to catch up on all 8 seasons of the twisty tale of seemingly perfect lives in suburbia. And if you HAVE seen it, it might just be time for a rewatch bbys. Did we already mention we love drama…?

The cast of 'Desperate Housewives'

Never Have I Ever

We <3 Mindy Kaling, who you’ll already know & love from The Mindy Show & The Office! She created this heartwarming sit-com about a young teenage girl trying to make her way through high-school, navigating romance, friendship and her home life. Also, this was FILMED on the same set as Desperate Housewives. We love it when things come together.

Mindy Kaling from the TV show, "Never have I ever"

We hope you <3 our list and let us know what you end up watching below. Check out April’s top picks here! 


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