Here at Tanologist, we’re alllll about good vibes. And when we think of the BEST feelings in the world, here are 3 things that come to mind:

Waking up late on the weekend
Paydayyyy 💸
A really good skin day

Although the first 2 are easy wins, sometimes a good skin day can be slightly harder to pull off. Especially when you’re tanning your face with traditional tanners. The dark colour guides stain & block pores, which can lead to congested, unhappy skin and potential bigger issues long-term. So although you might LOOK like you’re glowing, your skin’s actual state might read otherwise.

Enter our drops, waters & transparent self-tanning mousses, which are all DERMATOLOGIST approved! Because we want you to glow smarter babes, our clean formulations are kind to skin and especially formulated to minimise breakouts, all Tanologist products feature skin-saving:

✨ Pink Grapefruit: Rich in Vitamin C to brighten skin
✨ Goji Berry: Packed with antioxidants to even tone
✨ Juniper: Anti-inflammatory to reduce redness

These three 🌟s work to brighten, soften & hydrate without clogging pores or drying out skin! That’s a win for your skin, bbys ✔️

Shop skin-saviors now 🌟

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