Extra Dark Self-Tan Mousse

We’ve always been EXTRA. Now we’ve gone EXTRA-BRONZE.

220ml / 6.76 fl.oz net

Meet our most requested formula ever. With no need to layer, our Extra Dark Mousse gives you THE deepest bronze possible, fast. The express formula gives personalized results over 1-4 hours.


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  1. Charlea Sheppard

    Stunning results!!

    I used the extra dark mousse and it’s amazing, I’ve had NO problems with any Tanologist products I’ve bought. I feel like I’ve just come from holiday. Honestly the perfect tan, no streaks just stunning x

  2. Lauren

    Amazing, especially for the price point. Absolutely worth the wait (I order from the US, as it’s not available here in stores). Delivers a deep natural looking glow that lasts more than a week. 10/10 would recommend!

  3. Nicole

    Ultra dark instant mousse is amazing! By far the best tanning product I’ve ever purchased.i always Get compliments on my tan all the time.

  4. Maxx Renicker

    This is GLOW Goals! Its like I just came back from Holiday. I am so happy with the color and the results! It does NOT look orange at all. The smell…Well there isn’t one! I absolutely love it<3

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Extra Dark Self-Tan Mousse
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