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Supercharge your skincare routine with our custom Self Tan Drops for face & body.


Totally transparent tanning waters mist onto skin for a quick, easy & mess-free glow.


Achieve a flawless, long-lasting tan with a totally transparent water-to-foam tan mousse.

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  • Self Tan Drops Light

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  • Flawless Tanning Mitt

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  • Self Tan Water Medium

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  • Self Tan Eraser + Primer

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Featured Product

  • Self Tan Drops Medium

    Add To Bag £14.39

“If self-tanning mousses and creams feel like too much of a production for you, you’ll love the ease of these genius little drops. Just mix two to three drops into a palmful of your daily moisturizer (body, face, or both), massage it into your skin, and wash your hands. You’ll be left with a smooth (not splotchy) and tan finish.”


“A Tanologist sunless tanner that’ll prove just why people absolutely REVERE the beauty aisle in Target. It’s easy to use (you just spray), works on both the face and body, and looks totally natural. Streaks? Never heard of her.”


“Tanologist Gradual Tan Lotion: For a gradual formula, I was surprised how quickly this developed — I noticed results after one day. I was also impressed with the color. I find that most lotion-like tanners turn orange but this one has an olive undertone that looks completely natural.”

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