Year: 2020

We’re Dermatologically Approved!

The Glow Down WE’RE DERMATOLOGICALLY APPROVED! Tanologist has been certified with the official “Dermatologist Seal of Approval”- This is pretty good news for us, and great news for your skin. We’re now the World’s first vegan self-tanning range Dermatologically Tested and Approved, which sounds amazing… but what does this actually mean? Well, here’s the glow-down: …

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We’re Working for Change

The Glow Down WE’RE WORKING FOR CHANGE As a brand that champions the power of the Glow Up, celebrates individuality, self-confidence and equal rights, we recognise we absolutely need to do more to support the Black community. We have taken the time to research and learn how we can make changes that will last. It’s …

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Your Guide to QuaranTanning

The Glow Down YOUR GUIDE TO QUARANTANNING Hey bbys, how have you been? We’re currently baking our 74th loaf of banana bread. Pretty great, considering we hadn’t actually tried this out until 2 weeks ago, but practice (and time) makes perfect! Spending more time indoors does have its upsides, right…? That’s how we got to …

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