• Insta Glow

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  • Insta Glow Face

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  • Self Tan Face Mist

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  • Hydrating Daily Glow Medium-Dark

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Discover your formAT


Supercharge your skincare routine with custom Self Tan Drops for face & body.


Totally transparent tanning waters mist onto skin for a quick, easy & mess-free glow.


Achieve a flawless, long-lasting tan with a totally transparent water-to-foam tan mousse.


We’re bringing you our must-have essentials for the ultimate GLOW UP. Just add straight to basket babe!

  • Self Tan Drops Medium

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  • Flawless Tanning Mitt

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  • Self Tan Water Medium

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  • Self Tan Eraser + Primer

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Featured Product

  • Self Tan Drops Medium

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“If you’re looking for a clean and affordable option, try the Tanologist Self Tan Mousse ($17). The vegan, organic, and cruelty-free choice is one you can feel good about using without breaking the bank.”


“A must-have self-tanner for a summer glow”


“Lottie’s Tanologist is to the sunless industry what Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is to the makeup industry; a celebrity brand that stands out in a sea of celebrity beauty brands because it’s actually amazing, inclusive, and game-changing.”


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