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How many TV shows have we watched whilst social distancing? The limit does not exist. Seriously, we’ve been spending so much time on our sofas that we now pretty much know every title on Netflix from A-Z. So what better way to celebrate this joyous/totally useful achievement than by sharing it with our bbys. Here’s our April edition of “you’ve got to watch this” – also, if we’ve missed anything out, please share and comment below:

The new season of KUWTK

It gets us every single time. The drama! The glam! The pranks! And of course the instantly iconic fight scene between Kim & Kourtney (we are ALL Khloe in this situation tho… ;)). Our only criticism is that they don’t release all the eps at once- we wanna binge the whole season NOW!

khloe Kardashian spraying wall

Tiger King

This is the kind of car crash/true crimey/mullet-fest that you just can’t look away from. Following the eccentric Joe Exotic as he attempts to run a big cat zoo, run for president, have 2 husbands at once whilst (allegedly??!!?) ordering the murder of his sworn enemy, Carol Baskin- this show is the closest thing we’re getting to a real-life rollercoaster for a long time. Obsessed isn’t strong enough a word- just watch it.
P.s. we’ve heard there’s a NEW episode coming soon- we can’t wait!

Joe Exotic kissing tiger

Peaky Blinders

After catching up with Lottie in our At Home With… feature last week, we couldn’t help but start to watch Peaky Blinders, which she named as her fave TV show. Set in post WW1 Birmingham, it follows the notorious Peaky Blinders gang. It’s super dark and addictive, plus Tommy Shelby is like… really hot. Which helps!

Peaky Blinders' Tommy Shelby


New on Netflix, we were moved by this story of Esty, a young girl who was a part of an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community who ran away from her family and husband to start a new life in Berlin. Emotional, exciting and downright interesting, this four episode show, based on a true story (!!) left us hungry for a season 2.

Still Netflix show, Unorthodox

Gossip Girl

Okay, as much as we LOVE discovering something new, there’s something so comforting about rewatching Gossip Girl right from the very start, right? Plus Serena & Blair give us some serious inspo to get all dressed up in our living rooms and video chat with our besties.

Girls having fun in gossip Girl

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