Spring’s nearly here babes, which means it’s time to TAN! Winter was all about that lil extra boost, but now the sun is (kinda) out & we’re ready to GLOW UP. So listen up, because we’re dropping our tanning routine for brighter, sunnier days:

Drops Daily: Searching for that kissed-by-the-sun glow for your face? Look no further than our Self-Tan Drops. These bbys mix with your moisturiser and come in 3 customisable shades so you can totally control your glow. Apply daily (or as needed) morning or night; the more drops you add, the darker your tan. Perf for anyone who keeps finding their face lighter than their body.

Gradual Glowin: Our ride-or-die/ultimate dream for every. single. day. Like your regular moisturising lotion, this gradual tanner is boosted with a little extra glow, perfect for daily use. Mix your drops with the lotion for an even deeper bronze- we love how easy & drama-free this application is! Plus, the handy, mess-free tube means it’s so easy to throw in your bag to apply post-workout, or for a top-up during a weekend away.

Insta-Worthy Skin: We love using multi-tasking formula OVER our existing tan to brighten & boost. If the other two steps are for every day, this instant tanner takes your bronze to 100 for the weekend or a big night out! Like body makeup, skin looks smoother & is perfected with illuminating particles in seconds. Plus, it’s a full-coverage wash-off formula, so there’s no need to worry about mistakes! Just shower off when you’re done babes- this is a one night tan.

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