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Your Guide to QuaranTanning

Medium Self tan mousse, water and drops sitting side by side on shiny worktop

Hey bbys, how have you been? We’re currently baking our 74th loaf of banana bread. Pretty great, considering we hadn’t actually tried this out until 2 weeks ago, but practice (and time) makes perfect! Spending more time indoors does have its upsides, right…?

That’s how we got to thinking, just like with our new banana bread obsession- now is the perfect time to test out a new tanning formula. Seriously, is there something you’ve been curious about, but too scared to try? Well, guess what bby- the pressure’s off! There’s no need to worry about making pesky mistakes, and you can take the time to practice & perfect your bronze.
Let us recap the basics for you, plus a couple of insider tips for your best application:

Self-Tan Mousses:

If you’re already an expert at applying mousse with a guide colour, now is a good time to switch across to a transparent formulation. We recommend trying transparent for a cleaner way of tanning: you’ve got the extra-skin hydration, plus the bonus of no more stains on your sheets/clothes.

Tip: Make sure your skin is totally saturated with the product- use the shine on your skin to see where you’ve applied for a perfect application

Bottles of Self Tan Mousse Dark

Self-Tan Waters:

Okay so, you’re all about a fast/easy application- you’ll love using tanning water. The super-light mist formula is clear like our mousses (so the same benefits in the hydration & the zero transfer)- the bonus here is that application is so simple & quick. Just remember to use the glisten like you would with a mousse.

Tip: Use this to keep an existing tan topped up- because it’s clear- there’s no need to shower off!

Tanologist Express Tan bottle

Self-Tan Drops:

Are you a total skincare obsessive? Or even just new to tanning? We’d recommend our drops. The bonus with these bbys is that there’s no extra steps added into your daily/nightly skincare- just mix with your moisturiser/lotion/foundation.

Tip: Try starting out with a couple drops and add more until you build your dream glow!

Bottle of Self Tan Drops Dark

So there you go! Let us know in the comments which Tanologist product might be your new bronze bby <3

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