Do you find yourself making the same, annoying tanning mistakes over & over again? Girl, we feel that. Whether it’s mess ups on hands, random streaks or just how to keep your glow going, there’s always something new to learn! So we’ve collated our top tanning tips & tanning hacks for the easiest bronzing experience, every time.

ALWAYS moisturise hands, knees, elbows & feet pre-tan: Seriously, this tip is probably one of the most popular & FOR GOOD REASON! These areas can be much drier, so skipping this step gives a greater risk of an uneven bronze. Just do it, babes- every. single. time! You’ll thank us later.

Don’t apply tan directly to your hands: Lottie LOVES using a kabuki brush to blend out the tan on her hands, for a perfect application every time – try this tip by using the excess product from your body and dusting across your hands in a claw shape for flawless results.

If shaving’s your thing, do it 24 hours before you tan: Shaving 24hrs in advance allows skin to settle before application, stopping any blocked/clogged pores in their tracks. Flawless skin – here we come!

Use a gradual tanner to maintain glow AND hydrate skin: Use every day/use once a week- this is a flexible formulation that works with you. It’s like your daily moisturiser with added glowwww. Shop our Gradual Lotion HERE.

Lay a towel down when misting our Self-Tan Water: This stops any staining on the soles of your feet- don’t worry this won’t stain your towels- our products react with your skin, and only your skin 🙂

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