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We’ve bottled an effortless Golden Hour Glow with this transparent, multi-use self-tan mist for face & body. Founder, Lottie loves using hers as a glowy, makeup setting spray.


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  1. claireenxxx

    Apply with a mitt and it comes out like a spray tan!

  2. jenna94

    Just tried this for the first time and I love it! Gave me a natural, golden glow. Great for the body and face, It was so easy to apply and streak free! It has a fresh scent and doesn’t transfer onto your clothes or sheets. Very happy with this purchase, will be using this religiously during summer.

  3. misstaraxx

    This tan was so easy to apply and came out a lovely bronzed colour on me, no orange, which was a blessing, as so many tans seem to have a orange hue to them. Very Impressed with this tan and will purchase again.

  4. molly p

    I use the spray water and a tanning mitt, it’s honestly really good! I’m really pale normally and this tan is so incredible if you want a natural looking tan xx

  5. theglamkate

    Popped on two layers yesterday and turned out so so well! There’s literally no streaks and no smell, and there’s no mess with tanning water either, came out really nice and dark, love it and will definitely be using it again

  6. beca.pires

    I absolutely love the dark tanning water. It doesn’t stain any clothing or bedding, it has no horrible fragrance and has amazing coverage!! I have taken it with me to Canada and it has been my saviour as I don’t really tan easily. I will definitely be using it more often!

  7. chloe09

    The best tanning product I’ve ever used, I’m allergic to so many but this one has worked amazingly and my skin feels so smooth. No streaks or patched. Now allowing me to get off the sun beds

  8. frxnkie

    Normally my go to tan is Bondi Sands. I was bit hesitant to get this as it was around £22 from Superdrug… HOWEVER.. this is honestly the best tan I’ve ever used! It’s just a spray and you don’t need to use loads! It sprays clear so it’s a little tricky to see if you’ve got everywhere as it doesn’t go on as a colour but once it’s developed there are literally NO STREAKS. I’d leave it on overnight and it comes out a nice bronzed colour PLUS, it doesn’t stain your clothes or bedsheets! AND when you shower the top layer doesn’t come off, literally amazing I can’t even explain

  9. Brittany

    I was super skeptical about fake tanners for a long time, and I wasn’t sure if I could trust the reviews. There are quite a few mixed reviews, but from my personal experience, this is the absolute BEST spray tan I’ve tried so far. It doesn’t stain clothes or sheets, and it’s easy to apply. You just have to be careful with where you’re applying it since it’s obviously clear going on. I typically leave my tan on for 12 hours while I sleep, and I wash it off in the morning. It gives a very glowy, natural looking tan! I will definitely be buying more products.

  10. Emily2000

    By far the best self tan product I have ever used, quick drying and streak-free with zero transfer onto clothes or bedsheets if worn overnight. Plus there isn’t your typical ‘tan’ smell which is always a bonus! Such a natural-looking tan with a real glow and no orange undertones, will never look back now!

  11. April

    This is the best self tanner ladies!!I almost didn’t buy it bcuz I was thinking ONLY $16.99? How good can it be? I applied my first coat and I was bummed and I was going to give it a bad review. bcuz after a couple of hours? Not really any results. But I woke up the next morning with a beautiful streak free glow. The color didn’t transfer onto my white bed sheets or my solid white tank top that I had slept in. I tried the mousse. I love this stuff and I have already purchased the tanning water now so when I run out of my first bottle of mousse,then I will have a bottle here. They were out of the mousse so I got the water this time. This stuff is going to be all the rage this summer watch and see. Best glow up and streak free. Idk how some are reviews on here are saying they got streaks. I didnt even use a mit. It is super easy to apply. The tan lasts too, after a hot bath and 3 showers and it still kept a glow.

  12. Mackenzei

    I absolutely love this self tanner! I have been super skeptical about self tanners for a while, but after reading many reviews and watching a ton of videos I thought i’d give this a try. I sprayed it on and used
    my hands (I know I couldn’t find a mit sold ANYWHERE). It did not leave anything on my hands at all! The only downside to this was it did transfer onto my white bed sheets:-( I walked around my house for about an hour before I even went to bed and they still transferred. However, not a big deal and this will forever be my go-2!!!!

  13. claudia

    Loveeeee this tan! Already gone through 2 bottles! just wanted to share some tips…
    i always sleep in mine, as you wake up with the perfect colour and don’t loose any in the shower like most fake tans!
    Be careful of your feet! as it’s a a spray there will be residue on the floor! So if you’re not standing on a towel or not careful, you will end up veryyyy dark under your feet!
    Also your hands, only needs a brush over with the mit or brush! no need to spray a whole load directly on there!
    Also, it’s worth buying the eraser as it can be stubborn to get off..which is good i suppose but not when you’re scrubbing your skin raw to get it off lol!
    This tan is amazing! i take it on holiday too and lasted the whole week i was there!

  14. Makayla

    I recently purchased this from Target. I love how much color and glow it gives my skin! It gives me just the right boost of confidence that I need! You don’t need very much so the bottle last very long! 5 stars for sure!

  15. Andruu

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE RESULTS. My skin looks really good, its smell is really soft, not as heavy as other products can be. And the best thing is that I slept with white shorts and when I woke up they were still white. I’m using it every week and I don’t want my bottle to be empty soon

  16. Ivanna

    This is my first time trying a tan ever. I’m in love with the color it gives me. It won’t transfer to my clothes. The only thing i don’t like it’s the odor that develops on my skin after i wake up from having it all night. But i still think it’s a great product.

  17. Donna Nowell

    I bought this the dark express tan water spray from target. I have heard great things about this product. So I decided to try it. I have an olive skin complexion already. But with working indoors so much my skin needed a pick-me-up. I was expecting great things from this product but unfortunately it did nothing for me. I even kept it on over night and there was no change to my completion. So as much as I wanted this to be a great self tanner, it just was not for me. I feel this line is for very light skinned people.

  18. Moriah Heckman

    I love how natural this tan looks! I do have to say that I was worried because it’s clear. I definitely messed up on my feet so practice makes perfect with this stuff, but it’s totally worth it with how natural the tan is!

  19. Eden

    Honestly love this so much! I bought mine from Priceline as just a little treat to myself, and wow was I amazed. I use the Bondi Ultra Dark Aero tan and then used this every day after applying my Bondi. Kept my tan looking amazing and hydrated. It’s a great product to maintain your original tan or to build up upon. It stopped my elbow crease area from fading same as my armpits. Honestly could not recommend this anymore!! Good job Lottie xoxox

  20. Elise

    Will never use another fake tan again. Doesn’t leave any stains on clothes/bedsheets and smells amaziiiing. Has a nice natural colour and has been the first tan I’ve used on my face that hasn’t given me spots/dry skin.

  21. Angelica

    This was my first time ever purchasing a self tanner & I’m really happy with the results ! (I got this at Target- U.S)

    I’ve never used a tanning product and I was excited to see the results. This product smells lovely ! However I do recognize that typical tan smell, after it’s on and processing. I don’t think it’s as strong as others. But the first initial smell is good! Fruity and clean.
    I also purchased the tanning mit! It seemed to work nice. I actually used gloves under the mit as well, and then when I was done I used the mit on the top of my hands.

    I used it over night, no transfer at all! So pleased with this color pay off & overall performance!

  22. Madison Jackson

    This is it. This is the stuff. I used it on my face so far and it works wonders. I left it on for only a few hours and washed off, then I woke up and I was dark! It’s magical! But beware, use a tanning mitt or your hands will be stained! Other than that it’s beautiful and it’s actually not too harsh!

  23. LenkeTubex

    This is the best tan ever!
    Over the years i used a lot of different self tanners but this one is just perfect! It is easy to apply it was dry within second and the best of al totally non sticky.I slept in it totally comfortable and woke up with a beautiful bronzen tan, i even got a lot of compliments. + bonus it didn’t turn patchy over the week and when i wanted a new fresh tan i simply scrubbed and it came of perfect not difficult at all.
    I will definitely repurchase and will be trying the other products!

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