Self Tan Overnight Oil

Your cheat for 8 hrs of sleep.

30ml / 1.01 fl.oz net

Skin running on empty? Needing a boost? Recharge your batteries overnight with our hydrating, gradual tanning treatment oil designed to supercharge skin while you sleep.


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  1. katiem01

    Applied this once overnight and by the morning my face looked golden and even looked good without makeup! Also felt moisturising enough to use without my moisturiser. So far hasn’t broke me out like normal face tans do!

  2. Hannah

    So nourishing so gives an amazing glow. Impossible to go wrong and you wake up glowing. Great value as the bottle lasts forever!!

  3. Keri H

    Love this serum very moisturizing great bronzed glow the next morning!

  4. Tiana

    Literally the best thing I’ve bought, I don’t fake tan at all but I have such pale skin and this does the job! No need to wear base make when you have this on and the colour is unreal! Couldn’t recommend more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Beth

    I really have found that this is the best formulation of tan for the face – because it’s so gradual it doesn’t end up patchy or flaky in places normal tan does. However, if you are wanting to wake up the same colour as the rest of your body after using a Dark tan then you will need to build this up over a few days but it’s 100% worth doing! The only downside is the product really makes your eyes water and if you get it near your mouth it tastes awful – so you can end up with much paler areas near the eyes and lips!

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Self Tan Overnight Oil

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