I’ve always called myself a “tanologist” – because I’m a total tanning geek! As a make-up artist and beauty nerd, I’m constantly experimenting with different products – mixing tans into my foundation and moisturiser – you name it, I’ve tried it, but nothing has given me that flawless, glowing skin finish I’m obsessed with. With other fake tans either my skin breaks out or my pores feel clogged and I hate that fake tan smell. I’ve developed this range to deliver everything I wanted in a tan – clean, clear and streak free results and I can’t wait for you to become a total “tanologist” too!

Lottie Tomlinson


A hyper-real glow that’s clean & clear; TANOLOGIST is the future of self-tanning, brought to you by make-up artist, beauty influencer and ultimate ‘TANOLOGIST’, Lottie Tomlinson.

When it comes to glow, Lottie Tomlinson, our self-proclaimed tanning geek, knows a thing or two about achieving that insta-worthy skin finish – and with one of the fastest growing beauty followings on Instagram, TANOLOGIST is set to blow up on social.

'A makeup artist in a bottle'
'Genuinely can’t stop checking out my Tanologist tan in the mirror! I feel a lot more confident within myself! Thanks Lottie for bringing this into my life!'
Abiee Oliver
'Tanologist is a game changer OMG, NO STREAKS, NO PATCHES, NO STAINS, Smells nice, A BEAUTIFUL colour 5/5! I’m throwing all my other fake tans away!'
'It’s the easiest fake tan to apply ever!'

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